Thursday, June 23, 2011

2011 Recognition and Graduation Day

March and April are very exciting months for the staff and boys of Casa Minai-Arvedi. Classes finish and celebrations begin as the students are praised for their hard work. This year's graduation and recognition day ceremonies were especially exciting! Casa Miani-Arvedi had 6 boys graduate from high school, 1 from elementary school, 2 high school boys included in the top 10% of their high school class, and 6 elementary boys make Top 10 of their sections!

Robert, Rolando, Paul John, Enrique, John Rey, and Stephen proudly accepted their high school diplomas from Junob National High School while Ian graduated nearby from Junob Elementary School. All seven of the boys also received awards for being members of the Vox Orphanorum Choir!

Aside from those students graduating, elementary students whose grades every grading period placed them in the top 10 positions of their sections were also honored on a seperate day as well as the high school students. Every grading period and every March, the staff of CMA is always incredibly proud each one of their boys.

Hearing their names announced and accepting a certifcate, award, and/or diploma is a very special life event for every student. For our CMA boys, these are occasions they will never forget and items they will keep forever as keepsakes of their hard work and sacrifices.

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