Thursday, October 7, 2010

Practicing with the Lucky Terminal Engines!

On the afternoon of Wednesday, September 8, 2010, Casa Miani-Arvedi was bombarded by men wearing green! The children, newly arrived from school, were excited and knew that something thrilling was about to happen. The men carried bags with something round inside and started stretching and calling the kids to gather on the basketball court. These visitors were members of Lucky Terminal Engines basketball team and had come to give a basketball clinic to the boys at Casa Miani!

The Lucky Terminal Engines members, lead by coach Stephen Vera Marie,
come from all over Negros Oriental. The team is a member of the Dumaguete Basketball Association (DUBASS) which is composed of Class B and C teams in and around Dumaguete City. DUBASS teams compete in and host tournaments with other Class B and C teams all over Negros Oriental, Negros Occidental, and the island of Siquijor. This summer, the team played in multiple tournaments and in celebration of all their triumphs, Coach Stephen brought his team as well as their families and friends to Casa Miani to celebrate his birthday with our boys.

Although the basketball clinic was cut-short by a sudden rain shower, for an hour and a half the team coached the boys on basketball fundamentals such as dribbling and strong defense techniques. All the Casa Miani boys are avid basketball players and this was the first time any of them had ever participated in a clinic. The boys were split in to elementary and high school and all of them partook in the drills. Afterwards, everyone gathered inside for dinner with the team.

Not only did the Terminals come to help teach the boys basketball, but they also brought dinner fit for an army of hungry giants and donated autographed basketballs, rice, and sardines to the center. The boys learned a lot during the basketball clinic and had so much fun interacting with the athletes. Long after the Lucky Terminal Engines left Casa Miani that night, the boys were playing basketball and practicing their new skills until Brother Ambet made them finally come inside to go to sleep.

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