Friday, January 28, 2011

Vocation Jamboree!

On Nov. 28-29, 2010, the Somascan Fathers hosted a youth "Vocation Jamboree" held at Casa Miani-Arvedi in Talay, Dumaguete City. The participants were invited to this event to revitalize their faith and to respond to the calling of God in the state of marriage life, priesthood and religious life. Three-hundred students representing eight different high schools throughout Dumaguete City participated in the event.

To begin the night, Fr. Gabriel Scotti, crs, Major Superior of the Somascan Fathers in the Philippines, welcomed the group to Casa Miani-Arvedi. Fr. Melchor Umandal, crs, Vocation Director, opened the program. It was a whole night affair starting at 7:00pm and ending early the next morning at 5am. While the program was going on, it began to rain but it was not a havoc for the participants because the spirit of joy kept them alive.

The Ursuline Sisters from Dumagute City, Somascan Sisters from Bukidnon City, Somascan priests, brothers and seminarians from Minglanilla Cebu, invited facilitators and speakers were behind the scenes of the successful event.

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