Friday, February 11, 2011


In October 2008, 14 brand new computers, a lab top, a projector and a screen arrived at Casa Miani-Arvedi. The boys, having just returned from fall break, were ecstatic and the staff could not stop them from looking in the windows of the old seminarian bedroom (which was cleaned-out and turned in to the new computer room) to get a look at the new computers.

With the generous donation from Italy, Casa Miani-Arvedi was able to acquire computers, computer desks, a lab top, and screen and projector for the center. Since then, computer classes have been going on every saturday and during the summer, the boys have had computers at-hand to use for homework assignments, and the Vox Orphanorum Choir has been able to the screen and projector for their concerts. Computer literacy classes have been taught by university students, the CMA social worker and houseparents, volunteers and the CMA boys themselves who have taken on leadership roles and a deep interest in learning about and expanding their knowldege of computers.

During the summers, regular computer classes are held daily as well and since Summer 2009, the boys have had a lot to show for what they have learned. Each boy has an individual folder on the computers as well as a paper folder with print-outs of his essays and projects. The computer classes range from English lessons and typing to making cards and practicing using the different programs. Last November, the boys also formed a newsletter committee and created the first issue of the CMA Chronicles to be sent out electronically to friends, neighbors, sponsors, and the whole Somascan community. The articles in the CMA Chronicles are chosen and written entirely by the boys on the committee. They then work together using Microsoft Publisher to design and place their stories, artwork, and pictures on the newsletter!

The arrival of the computer and establishment of the computer literacy program has made an immeasurable difference in the help offered to the boys of Casa Miani-Arvedi. The new computers have also helped tremendously in helping CMA broadcast its news and stay in-touch with people all over the world. New developments and ideas are often occurring as well as more and more people offering their time and expertise as volunteers.

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